Welcome to Scumble Goosie! We handcraft solid wood furniture and can supply this either handpainted or unfinished (raw) in standard sizes from stock or made to your measurements. We also carry a wide selection of home accessories and unusual giftware. Click on the links below or simply contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for.


Our collection of smaller items. Normally held in stock.

Bin (small)Bin (small)Bin (small)
BN1 - Bin (small)
Bin (large)
BN2 - Bin (large)
Laundry Bin (small)
BN3/S - Laundry Bin (small)
Laundry Bin (large)Laundry Bin (large)
BN3 - Laundry Bin (large)
Heart Shaped Blind Pull Heart Shaped Blind Pull
BP1 - Heart Shaped Blind Pull
Acorn Blind Pull Acorn Blind Pull
BP2 - Acorn Blind Pull
Flat Topped BoxFlat Topped Box
BX7 - Flat Topped Box
Dome Topped BoxDome Topped Box
BX7/D - Dome Topped Box
Dome Topped ChestDome Topped ChestDome Topped Chest
BX8/D - Dome Topped Chest
Chopping Board (small)Chopping Board (small)
CB1 - Chopping Board (small)
Chopping Board (large)Chopping Board (large)
CB2 - Chopping Board (large)
Daschund Chopping BoardDaschund Chopping Board
CB3 - Daschund Chopping Board
Sharing BoardSharing Board
CB4 - Sharing Board
Small Serving BoardSmall Serving BoardSmall Serving BoardSmall Serving Board
CB5 - Small Serving Board
Cachepot (small)
CP1 - Cachepot (small)
Cachepot (large)Cachepot (large)
CP2 - Cachepot (large)
CR1 - Crate
Dog BoxDog Box
DB1 - Dog Box
From £99
Flying GeeseFlying Geese
FG1 - Flying Geese
 Pine Cone Finial Pine Cone Finial Pine Cone Finial Pine Cone Finial Pine Cone Finial
FIN1 - Pine Cone Finial
Gustavian Filing Tray
GFT1 - Gustavian Filing Tray
Curtain Hold-Back (Heart Shape)Curtain Hold-Back (Heart Shape)Curtain Hold-Back (Heart Shape)
HOLD1 - Curtain Hold-Back (Heart Shape)
Curtain Hold-Back (Daisy Design) Curtain Hold-Back (Daisy Design) Curtain Hold-Back (Daisy Design)
HOLD2 - Curtain Hold-Back (Daisy Design)
Key Rack
KR1 - Key Rack
Kitchen Towel Roll HolderKitchen Towel Roll Holder
KT1 - Kitchen Towel Roll Holder
Regency Magazine RackRegency Magazine Rack
MR1 - Regency Magazine Rack
Country Magazine RackCountry Magazine Rack
MR2 - Country Magazine Rack
PEG1 - Peg
Peg Shelf (3 Peg)
PS1 - Peg Shelf (3 Peg)
Peg Shelf (6 Peg)
PS2 - Peg Shelf (6 Peg)
Simple Wall Shelf (small)Simple Wall Shelf (small)
SH1 - Simple Wall Shelf (small)
Simple Wall Shelf (large)
SH2 - Simple Wall Shelf (large)
Folding Screen
SN1 - Folding Screen
Peg Rail (3 Pegs)
SP1 - Peg Rail (3 Pegs)
Peg Rail (6 Peg)
SP2 - Peg Rail (6 Peg)
Welly Peg RailWelly Peg Rail
SP3 - Welly Peg Rail
Stationery Rack
SR2 - Stationery Rack
TG1 - Trug
Toilet Roll Holder with Goose
TRH1 - Toilet Roll Holder with Goose
Toilet Roll Holder with HeartToilet Roll Holder with Heart
TRH2 - Toilet Roll Holder with Heart
Tray Table (heart handles)Tray Table (heart handles)Tray Table (heart handles)
TT1 - Tray Table (heart handles)
From £79
Tray Table (slot handles)
TT2 - Tray Table (slot handles)
From £79
Key TrayKey TrayKey Tray
TY1 - Key Tray
Butlers Tray with heart handles
TY8 - Butlers Tray with heart handles
Deep Butler Tray
TY5 - Deep Butler Tray
Shallow Sided Tray
TY7 - Shallow Sided Tray
Medium Heart TrayMedium Heart Tray
TY2 - Medium Heart Tray
Wine Table (large)
WT2 - Wine Table (large)
From £149
Wine Table (small)Wine Table (small)
WT1 - Wine Table (small)
From £119