Welcome to Scumble Goosie! We handcraft solid wood furniture and can supply this either handpainted or unfinished (raw) in standard sizes from stock or made to your measurements. We also carry a wide selection of home accessories and unusual giftware. Click on the links below or simply contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for.

Simple Oval Mirror
LG1 - Simple Oval Mirror
From £169
Boudoir Mirror Boudoir Mirror Boudoir Mirror
LG2 - Boudoir Mirror
From £219
Stockholm MirrorStockholm Mirror
LG3 - Stockholm Mirror
From £279
Oval Ribbon Mirror
LG5 - Oval Ribbon Mirror
From £262
Gustavian Full Length Mirror
LG6 - Gustavian Full Length Mirror
From £297
Carved Mantel Mirror (small)
LG9/S - Carved Mantel Mirror (small)
From £299
Carved Mantel Mirror (large)Carved Mantel Mirror (large)
LG9 - Carved Mantel Mirror (large)
From £399
Simple Mantle Mirror
LG10 - Simple Mantle Mirror
From £339
Rectangular Pearl Mirror
LG10/R - Rectangular Pearl Mirror
From £275
Circular Pearl Mirror
LG10/C - Circular Pearl Mirror
From £275
Federal MirrorFederal Mirror
LG11 - Federal Mirror
From £647
Empire Mirror
LG12 - Empire Mirror
From £227