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What does the New Year bring?

The Finishing Touches:

Our new addition to the Scumble Goosie Emporium – where you can buy your furniture, your panelling and everything you need to finish it off.

We have been producing wooden accessories for several years – these developed from a demand for wood blanks, or wooden blanks as they are sometimes called – small pieces that come in the white, and which you finish off with paint, varnish or decoupage to suit.

To these we have added – glorious fabrics from Emily Bond and Lewis and Wood. East of India ribbon and other lovely gifts from them. Pots from Kew Gardens London. Our new pin board – in a range of lovely fabrics – is another new addition. And there are more unusual gifts – special gifts – which together go to make up The Finishing Touches!

Furniture Online:

We do that – makes it a lot easier for you – from your armchair – you can even customise it yourself. Lots of our customers tell us they find that a really helpful service.

White Furniture:

We are finding an increasing demand for plain wooden furniture. Now that is NOT BROWN furniture which seems to be well out of fashion for now at least – makes a room very dark – but simple solid wood furniture – in our case mango furniture, made from mango wood or fruitwood. Which you don't need to paint. You might wax it. We could tell you how to varnish it – more on that later.

How To Paint Furniture?:

We are constantly being asked how to paint furniture. We have a team of experts who do it – because our customers demand that we do it fast, and we do it efficiently. But it is not rocket science, and we can tell you how to do it yourselves, if you feel like taking the plunge. Painting furniture is really quite easy, and painted furniture can look wonderful in any setting. As I said above, we can show you how to varnish it as well – or use a variety of different treatments from oiling to waxing and many more...


In the pre Christmas rush, I nearly forgot – decoupage is seriously back in vogue – well, you told us that – we did a lot of decoupage years ago, but I think, in these more austere times, there is a serious return to it. And it looks lovely, done well, on almost any piece – large or small.

Bespoke Furniture:

Or made to measure furniture, is probably one of our biggest USPs, if not THE biggest. So few firms do it these days. Why, I wonder? If you want a piece that needs to be a special size, smaller or larger, for one of your rooms, or if you have hankered after basing an idea – and actually seeing it come into reality – from a design or an idea in your head – then why not. We love to bespoke furniture for you – your own made to measure furniture – think about it, and just ask!


If we could only make enough tables to satisfy all of our demand! From the probably most popular dining table or coffee table, through side tables, hall tables etc. We seem to have a nearly insatiable demand for bedside tables, but the dressing table, and indeed, console table are in hot demand as well. Dining room furniture – dining chairs and dining table furniture generally – are still very popular...I thought everyone eat in their smart extended kitchens now, but apparently I am wrong!!


I am told they make it easier for you to decide what to put with what in which room – so under the banner heading of our Gustavian, or Swedish Furniture, we are building collections of Empire, French and Country Furniture to make the job easier for you. I hope it will. Please give us your feedback.

Lamps, Lamps, Lamps:

Table lamps, Desk lamps, Bedside name Lampshades for table lamps for every kind of table. There is a huge demand for them. So long as they are good looking. We do hope ours are. And in The Finishing Touches collection – see above – we have lots of Table lamp shades which we think you'll like. Please let us know if you do – or even if you don't...!


The wooden bed, or rather, wooden framed bed, has always been hugely popular in Swedish design, and we love it too. Especially the Sleigh Bed – so cosy and so established. We even do some children's beds too, when we are asked, so please talk to us about beds – important, because we spend a lot of time in them! And if you love your bedroom, as we do, why not talk to us about French bedroom furniture and our bedroom chairs, which are top sellers?

Hardwood Benches:

These are really storage benches, and of course to sit on and relax – but unless you are very well covered (Sorry a bit of seasonal silliness!) you will need bench cushions and we do those too – you pick the fabric, we make the cushions...or go for an Ottoman. Ottomans do the same thing as hardwood benches, but we upholster the seat as opposed to having a loose cushion – again, you simply choose the fabric.

Chests of Drawers:

Well, need I say more? Honestly, do I? Isn't the old C of D just the most useful piece of furniture ever? In these days of smaller houses and more and more kit? Well, we sell nothing faster...

Well, maybe the Wooden Bookcase...

The tall wooden bookcase is hugely popular – somehow, other people's bookcases are always too short, aren't they? Well, OK, I know I'm biased, but aren't they?! Anyhow, if you think ours are too short, we'll simply make you bespoke bookcases which are the right size. How's that?

Am I running on a bit?

Okay, okay, well maybe just a little. I will leave the rest of the choices to you. Last, but by no means least, our Mora clock is very popular – as are our wall clocks or quartz clocks, which are a new addition. What's next – you name it – armchairs (we are thinking of moving on to making full on padded ones – not just carvers – and there is a huge demand for the wall mirror. And a big growth in demand for ironmongery – furniture handles etc. From smart bespoke pieces to shabby chic furniture – you are the customer – you decide – and we'll just make it for you.

All best for 2012,
Launch of the Stroud Valleys Decorative Trail

Launch of the Stroud Valleys Decorative Trail

March 12th, 2010

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Scumble showroom gets major makeover

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Scumble Goosie turns Twenty!!!

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Scumble Goosie eventually gets its act together and produces its brochure!

Scumble Goosie eventually gets its act together and produces its brochure!

March 12th, 2010

You have been so patient with us, but we have finally done it. The brochure is out. For those of you who have ordered one, your copy will be sent to you in the next few days. If you want to see it now, just click on this link to download a pdf version now, […]