Special Offers

If you are an avid bargain hunter, you need look no further. It is well worth visiting this page regularly. There are usually some items specially priced by us as a promotion, or those which may have suffered minor damage in transit, or are ex display or ex photoshoot, prototypes, or simply discontinued. Ex photoshoot items may only have been quickly painted in emulsion and sometimes only partially if it was for a particular photograph angle!
Just call us on 01453 731305 or email jon@scumblegoosie.com when you see something you’d like to buy off this page – we will regularly update it. (Click on images to enlarge in most cases)

IMG_6134 copy IMG_6136 copy IMG_6135
Gustavian Stool (CF6)

Arrived back from a photoshoot with minor marks, but has had a knock in transit.
DIY challenge to glue and clamp it back to health!
Upholstered in Vanessa Arbuthnott Four Seasons – Sea Pink, Olive Fabric.
47cm W x 38cm D x 42cm H (48cm to top of seat pad)
Normally £202 (includes upholstery) NOW JUST £99 SOLD

IMG_6358 copy
Stockholm Wooden Sofa (Small)

We have one ex-display version of these benches left!
It is a new prototype size we are trialing,
140cm wide x 46cm deep x 86cm high.
The seat may have minor marks which could be sanded out.
Normally £779 NOW JUST £450 SOLD

Empire Bedside Table (Large)

Arrived back from a photoshoot, needs a light sanding and re-painting as the painting is not to a very good standard and quite marked.
We can provide a new handle if required as this one has been painted over
46cm W x 46cm D x 66cm H
Normally £149 NOW JUST £75

img IMG_1297 copy DT10Profile-Pedestal-Table_edit
Profile Oval Pedestal Table
120cm x 80cm x 76cm H
Homes & Gardens recently used this table in a photoshoot. It has been painted white but has a few marks and dents as shown in one of the images above. Please note the one image shows the table in natural wood.

Normally £797  now just


French Sleigh Bed (BD2/A)
Ex-Display Single French Sleigh Bed available (excluding mattress)
212cm cm W x 103cm D x 105cm H
(for a standard 3′ x 6′ 3″ mattress)
Normally £797 now just

IMG_1298 copy IMG_1299
Wine Table (Medium- WT2)
Ex-Photoshoot Wine Table, 45cm diameter x 60cm H.
Arrived back from a photo shoot badly painted in a blue colour. Needs light sanding and re-painting.

Normally £159
now just £79

Bedside Bow Fronted Chest (CD7)

Only available at this special price if bought as a pair as they are pre-packaged on a pallet in two’s ready to ship!
50cm W x 40cm D x 66cm H.
Normally £317 each, now just
£495 for a pair!

IMG_8719 IMG_0985
Prototype Double Chest of Drawers in a Limed Finish

We have two of these chests available which are in a lovely Limed Finish.
Unfortunately these chests were unwrapped and left in a humid environment for a short period of time, this caused the wood to move which appears on some of the drawers as shown in the image. 160cm W x 62cm D x 85cm H
Normally £1345 each NOW JUST £680 SOLD

_idealhome_march17_Empire_Coffee-Table IMG_6161
Empire Coffee Table (Small)

This Coffee Table has come back from an Ideal Home Magazine Shoot! It was used for three different room sets so is now half painted white and half yellow. Please note the first image shows it painted grey which was the original colour. The legs are currently in the raw wood as the original legs were lost in transit. Table will need a light sanding and re-painting!
90cm W x 90cm D x 50cm H
Normally £469, NOW JUST £275

IMG_8696 IMG_8695
Ex-Display Empire Kitchen Table Small (DT2/WR)

This table has been in our showroom for approximately 12 months. It is still in the natural wood and has got a few marks on the top which could easily be sanded out.
There is one very small burn mark shown in the above image (bottom right). The Table measures 120cm W x 80cm D x 77cm H.
Normally £519 NOW JUST £350

IMG_6144 IMG_6145 IMG_6143
Bedside Bow Fronted Chest (CD7)
We have two of these Bedside Chests available which have been stained in a dark oak colour and finished with osmo oil for a high level of protection.
50cm W x 40cm D x 66cm H.
Normally £489 each  NOW JUST £250 each

RT1_radiator_table_edit IMG_5893
Empire Radiator Table (RT1/D) painted in Little Greene “Marine Blue”
Radiator Table available painted in Marine Blue (please note the first image is showing the whole table before it was painted).
Overall size is 140cm wide x 25cm deep x 100cm high. This table will suit a radiator that is 120cm wide.
Left hand leg has developed a slight twist due to incorrect storage. Normally £339
, NOW £170

Prototype Empire Bedside EM2/WM

We have a small batch of these in a new size we are trialing.
46cm W x 30cm D x 66cm H
Normally £119 NOW JUST £79

Classic Wardrobe (WD1)

One Ex-Display Wardrobe available, has not been on display very long so has few marks (which could easily be sanded out).
A simple design that has elements of traditional detailing yet works equally well in contemporary settings. It has adjustable hinges to cope with uneven floors and inside there is a single hanging rail. Please note that the image is a stock image rather than the actual one we are selling so although the design is identical the mango fruitwood we use for all our furniture varies in colour/grain on each piece.
104cm W x 60cm D  x 190cm H
Normally £989 NOW JUST £740 SOLD

Sleigh Cot Bed (BD3)

Brand New! We have two of these available in the natural mango wood as we are going to be modifying the design slightly.
This stunning classic Lit Bateau style cot bed converts to a day bed/sofa by simply removing the front rail, thereby extending its usefulness by many years!
70cm W x 82cm D x 107cm H
Normally £850 Now just £600


Butchers Block (BB1)

A very popular addition to any kitchen that requires extra storage and preparation space. One has just come back from a photoshoot so there are a few minor marks and a little bit of expansion on one of the corners which is purely visual rather than structural as the blocks are immensely strong in the way that they are constructed. The top has been waxed with a food safe natural wax making it an ideal food preparation block. 60cm W x 40cm D x 90cm H
Normally £349 Now just £275 

 IMG_6128 IMG_6129 IMG_6130 IMG_6131
Gustavian Hall Table (Small)

Painted in a lovely grey/green colour with hand painted chalk lines and distressed finish. Please note this piece has a few scratches on the top which are shown in the above image.
100cm W x 40cm D x 78cm H
Normally £539 NOW JUST £399

Empire Preparation Table (EM6/W)
115cm W x 55cm D x 90cm H
We have three of these available in the natural wood. The top and slatted base are made from solid pale oak, so this piece lends itself to having its base painted and the slats and top oiled for that classic country style.
These are  being discontinued as we now make them from solid mango throughout.
Normally £649 Now just £395


Barock Chair (CF3)

We have a limited number of our standard Barock Chairs available in a spray primed finish (ready to paint)
Normally £229 each now just
£120 each!! 8 LEFT
Please note if you require us to paint these chairs it will be an additional £110 per chair.

IMG_4300 IMG_4301


Ex-Display Pearl Oval Dining Table (8 seater)
An Ex-Display Dining Table which has been in the shop. It has been directly under two heaters for quite a while which has caused the wood to open up and crack along the length of the table. This does not affect the structure of the table at all and is simply visual. Also please note there are some colourful candle wax stains from a candelabra that has been used.
Base of Table has been painted in French Grey and the Top is in a medium oak wood stain, this could be painted over using the correct primer.
220cm W x 105cm D x 85cm H
Normally £1217 NOW £600

Ex-Photoshoot Federal Mirror (LG11)
Just arrived back from a photoshoot but has been left in the natural wood. Only 1 available.
146cm W x 9cm D x 170cm H
Normally £647 NOW £499

IMG_6149 IMG_6148 IMG_6147
Empire Bedside Table (Large)
Ex-Photoshoot Bedside Table which has been painted several times (yellow underneath), now currently blue. Will require sanding and re-painting.
46cm W x 46cm D x 66cm H
Normally £149
, NOW £75 SOLD

IMG_6163 IMG_6164 IMG_6165
Corner Cupboard (or corner TV Stand)
We have one available which has been used in a photo shoot. Paint work is slightly marked and the one door has expanded a little so is projecting beyond the lower frame as shown in image. A circular hole has been cut in the right hand side for cables if required.
75cm W x 75cm D x 71cm H. Please note the width and depth are measured along the straight sides. The overall width is about 107cm.
Normally £869
, NOW £499 SOLD