Our clocks can be painted, stained, waxed, limed, distressed or varnished.

To see how your chosen piece could look in one of our many finishes please take a look at our guide.

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During the long and dark winter months, peasant farmers in18th Century Sweden turned their hands to furniture making in order to supplement their income. The long case clocks originate from Mora in central Sweden and have become extremely sought after.

Their simple, almost naive design, turns them into a style statement in any context. The original clocks are becoming increasingly rare and can command very high prices.

Handmade in solid hardwood, our interpretations are closely based on two original antiques and come complete with a quartz mechanism and hand painted metal face. They are one of the items of furniture that we are frequently asked to individualise even further by picking out elements in different colours, applying gold leaf, or by simply adding a level of distressing to the paintwork.