Our Ranges

Our ranges and how they were developed

We have brought in new ranges, which we intend to develop further in the coming months. Most pieces are kept in stock, and some are to order – which we hope you will agree are worth a short wait. Most are customisable and paintable. We hope you will find our traditional quality thoroughly satisfying. There are nice big pictures, on this website, of each and every one. Quite a lot are also shown painted to make it easier for you.

tominternal2Over the last twenty years, I hope you feel we have been listening to what you like. Currently, we have over 200 pieces, and we are, of course, continually developing more. We will paint them for you, or you can paint, stain or wax them yourselves. The choice is yours.

Our accessories include a screen which has been very popular. The remainder are small pieces which have seen fantastic demand at various times over the years. These are available only in the raw. You can stain, wax or paint these pieces yourselves if you like.panellingstyled

Our MDF panelling has been a remarkable success story for us. I initially developed it to use in my own refurbishment projects. I simply could not find exactly what I was looking for in the builders merchants or shops! I did not realise at the time that so many of you would also love the fact that it looks so much more realistic than the (admitedly cheaper) alternatives. We started selling this product over 15 years ago and it remains to this day one of the most popular items in the entire range! So much so that we have introduced new sheet sizes and are now working on a number of alternative designs to compliment the line-up.


tape-squareWe can customise many of our pieces for you – by changing their dimensions. Look for this tape measure next to the product. If it is there you can alter the measurements of the piece to suit yourself. For details of how this works, see Common Questions. This will explain it. All you then have to do is to put in the dimensions you want, and the final price will pop up. It’s that easy. If the changes are bigger than the website allows just drop us an email or call. Also, if you have an idea of a piece or a design you would like us to make for you, on a bespoke basis, we would be delighted to take the commission.


We can paint most of our pieces for you in any of a range of six colours, or even a colour you choose. Look for the image of this paint pot. If it is showing, we can paint that piece for you. Once again, a visit to Common Questions will show you how this process works. You can also see the painted price (as well as the unpainted one) against each product.


telephoneThe procedure for ordering is clearly explained in Common Questions. Or, if you prefer, go to The Nest (Scumble Goosie’s personalised shopping cart!) and just let it work it all out for you.


truck-squareIf you look against each product, you will see this image of a lorry with a letter in the back of it. Each of the letters A,B,C and D relate to different delivery methods and tariffs. How these work is clearly explained, once again, in Common Questions. Category E is a new one – just £5 – and is for many of our smaller items. Alternatively, we always like to see you at our showrooms, if you prefer to collect your furniture from us. Please let us know if you would like to do this.

Any Other Questions:

If you have a question you need answering before making a purchase please just email enquiries@scumblegoosie.com. We hope that any other questions you may have will be answered in our Questions section and, in addition, you might want to visit Jon’s Designs in Behind The Scenes where we cover just about every detail of the design, manufacture and treatment of all of our pieces.

We wish you a very happy journey around the site. We hope you enjoy it, and happy shopping.