Ageing Glaze ~ 500mls


Recently relaunched under our own label, we have been using this glaze for over ten years now and it remains a firm favourite with our team of Painters and Paintresses down at the Mill!!

Apply over water based eggshell paint and lightly drag or sponge off to leave a wonderful patina that softens the sometimes harsh ‘like new’ appearance of a freshly painted piece of furniture. Relatively easy to use compared with oil based Scumble Glaze, our Ageing Glaze comes pre-tinted with raw umber pigments and now has extra toughening agents to give a perfect result every time.

We supply instructions and all you will need to do afterwards is protect the glaze with two coats of water based varnish (three is preferable on wearing surfaces such as table tops etc). The 500ml pot goes a long way so unless you have more than half a dozen large items to glaze you should only need the one!


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