Baluster Lampbase ~ Two Sizes (LB9/A & LB9/B)

From: £79.00

Now firmly established as one of our most popular lamp bases! Shown here in the raw mango this base is also available in two sizes. The sheer size of the timber required for these bases can sometimes result in a certain amount of shrinkage cracks during the seasoning process. However these are generally filled prior to dispatch and can even add an amazing rustic charm should you decide to wax the base rather than paint.

All lamps are hand turned from hardwood and pre-wired to UK safety standards using gold coloured flex.

Small: 13cm x 13cm x 34cm H (including aged brass lamp holder)

Large: 20cm x 20cm x 48cm H (including aged brass lamp holder)


  • CUSTOM SIZES: We are now able to accept orders involving simple size changes to standard designs. Lead times can be considerably longer than our normal 16 - 18 weeks for custom work. Please email with details of what you would like to order to obtain a quote.

  • STOCK LEVELS: The pandemic is seriously impacting on shipping and our stock levels are much lower than normal. Please check availability (ideally via email) before placing your order.

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