Carved Mantel Mirror ~ Two Sizes (LG9/S & LG9)

From: £329.00

A classic over-mantle mirror that has just enough detail to be interesting without going over the top!  Shown here in the raw wood and also painted in our Old White.

Please see our Finishes & Options page for details of the different looks you can specify for this piece!

Small: 94cm W x 4cm D x 110cm H. Price (raw): £ 329.00   Price (painted): £ 495.00

Large: 134cm W x 140cm H.  Price (raw): £ 479.00   Price (painted): £ 677.00

This is an example of when a bespoke version of one of our standard pieces worked so well at this smaller size we decided to include it in the collection as it is ideal for smaller spaces whilst retaining all the charm of its bigger brother.


Price (raw): £ 479.00Price (painted): £ 677.00
Dimensions: 134cm W x 4cm D x 140cm H
Price (raw): £ 329.00Price (painted): £ 495.00
Dimensions: 94cm W x 4cm D x 110cm H
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