Empire Bookcase ~ Large (BK8)

From: £2,239.00

Shown here in Raw wood.

A good general purpose bookcase for the larger room with elegant proportions, simple detailing and fully adjustable shelving throughout. Simpler in style than the Georgian Breakfront but equally impressive.

Dimensions:175cm W x 40cm D x 210cm H

As with all of our furniture the backs of this piece are made from the same solid wood as is used elsewhere, providing an exceptionally solid construction throughout. The upper part has butt and beaded random width boards and the shelves have an internal depth of 29 cms. The cupboard part is 70cm tall and has an adjustable shelf on each side with an internal depth of 34cms.

Comprises 2 parts in total to facilitate delivery.

Please see our Finishes & Options page for details of the different looks you can specify for this piece!


Price (raw): £ 2,239.00Price (painted): £ 3,247.00
Dimensions: 175cm W x 40cm D x 210cm H

If you would like us to paint this item in a colour of your choice, for an additional charge of £25 (please see our Specifying Paint Colours for more info) enter your choice of paint, including Brand, Colour and Finish in the box below:

The size of this piece can be reduced or increased by up to 20% in each dimension using the boxes below. The price will show automatically and is dependant on the number of changes you make. For dimensional changes outside of these parameters please contact us for a quote. Please note that customising the size will significantly increase the lead time - typically 16 weeks - whereas the standard version may well be in stock. Please see Common Questions for more information on altering sizes of furniture.

Width: Up to +/- 35 cms
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Depth: Up to +/- 8 cms
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Height: Up to +/- 42 cms
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