Empire Kitchen Table ~ Two Sizes (DT2/W & DT2/WR)

From: £579.00

Our best selling dining table (available in Large or a smaller version) features two generous sized drawers (one at either end) making this a very practical addition to any dining room or kitchen. Shown here in a distressed chalk paint and wax finish with the top clear varnished. We have fitted painted knobs to this example but the table is supplied with our aged brass ring pulls as standard. Please note that the painted price includes either an oiled, varnished or waxed finish to the top. If the table is going to get a lot of use we recommend considering having the top natural or stained and then finished with Osmo Oil as this is generally harder wearing than a painted finish.

Height to underside of apron 61cm so suitable for most chairs but we now sell solid brass castors which can raise the height by 4cm (or less if the legs are reduced)

Please see our Finishes & Options page for details of the different looks you can specify for this piece!


Price (raw): £ 699.00Price (painted): £ 937.00
Dimensions: 183cm W x 91cm D x 77cm H
Price (raw): £ 579.00Price (painted): £ 779.00
Dimensions: 120cm W x 80cm D x 77cm H
  • CUSTOM SIZES ON FURNITURE: We are now able to accept orders involving simple size changes to standard furniture designs. Lead times can be considerably longer than our normal 16 - 18 weeks for custom work. Please email jon@scumblegoosie.com with details of what you would like to order to obtain a quote.

  • STOCK LEVELS: We are extremely busy and as a result our stock levels are lower than normal. Please check availability (email jon@scumblegoosie.com) before placing your order.

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