Empire Radiator Table (Slim) ~ Various Widths (RT1/AS/BS/CS/DS)

From: £147.00

At last an alternative to the rather inelegant Radiator Cover to be found in every DIY store!

Our Empire Radiator Table still allows the radiator to do what it was designed for whilst at the same time significantly reducing its visual impact. The table has an MDF top to reduce the possibility of shrinkage cracks caused by the heat and two simple self assembly legs. Simply fix to the wall by screwing through the rear rail or use mirror plates. As the table effectively ‘hooks’ over the radiator you may even find that you do not need to fix the table at all as the radiator will prevent the table from tipping forward (just check that there is at least 18mm gap between wall and the radiator).

Legs can be cut on site to suit height requirements but please note that we can make to any size of table to suit most radiators. The front and side aprons of the table are about 13cms high including the top.

If our six standard sizes are not suitable for your situation please use our customisation section to specify the size you would like in terms of height or width (these options will be shown when you select your basic size option below). We haven’t offered a ‘depth’ customisation for this piece as there are limitations on what depth will work due to the design.  However please contact us if you have a specific requirement for depth as we may be able to accommodate your wishes!

Please see our Finishes & Options page for details of the different looks you can specify for this piece.

The six sizes we offer are recommended for the following radiator sizes:

To suit 60 cm radiator – 80 cm width table
To suit 80 cm radiator – 100 cm width table
To suit 90 cm radiator – 110 cm width table
To suit 100 cm radiator – 120 cm width table
To suit 110 cm radiator – 130 cm width table
To suit 120 cm radiator – 140 cm width table

The first image shows the table in its raw state. The other images were taken in our showrooms. Both the table, panelling and radiator have been painted in the same colour to minimise the impact of the radiator. Also we show one in our Walnut Stain finish where we have painted the MDF top in Bagheeras Paws to mimic slate and one where we have done an off-white solid paint colour to complement a Liming Oil finish on the rest of the table.
Click on the sketch for advice on working out customised versions and if the size is outside the scope of what the website allows simply email us for a quote.

Price (raw): £ 147.00Price (painted): £ 279.00
Dimensions: 80cm W x 20cm D x 100cm H
Price (raw): £ 167.00Price (painted): £ 299.00
Dimensions: 100cm W x 20cm D x 100cm H
Price (raw): £ 177.00Price (painted): £ 309.00
Dimensions: 110cm W x 20cm D x 100cm H
Price (raw): £ 187.00Price (painted): £ 319.00
Dimensions: 120cm W x 20cm D x 100cm H
Price (raw): £ 197.00Price (painted): £ 329.00
Dimensions: 130cm W x 20cm D x 100cm H
Price (raw): £ 207.00Price (painted): £ 339.00
Dimensions: 140cm W x 20cm D x 100cm H
  • STOCK LEVELS: We are extremely busy and as a result our stock levels are lower than normal. Please check availability (email jon@scumblegoosie.com) before placing your order.

  • CUSTOM SIZES ON FURNITURE: We are now able to accept orders involving simple size changes to standard furniture designs. Lead times can be considerably longer than our normal 16 - 18 weeks for custom work. Please email jon@scumblegoosie.com with details of what you would like to order to obtain a quote.

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