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Empire Radiator Table (to suit 120cm radiators) Empire Radiator Table (to suit 120cm radiators)Empire Radiator Table (to suit 120cm radiators)Empire Radiator Table (to suit 120cm radiators)Empire Radiator Table (to suit 120cm radiators)

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RT1/D - Empire Radiator Table (to suit 120cm radiators)

Price (raw): £ 207.00   Price (painted): £ 339.00

140cm W x 25cm D x 100cm H

***NB we now stock a 20cm deep "Slimline" version - call for details***

At last an alternative to the rather inelegant Radiator Cover to be found in every DIY store!

This piece still allows the radiator to do what it was designed for whilst at the same time significantly reducing its visual impact. The table has an MDF top to reduce the possibility of shrinkage cracks caused by the heat and two simple self assembly legs. Simply fix to the wall by screwing through the rear rail or use mirror plates. As the table effectively "hooks" over the radiator you may even find that you do not need to fix the table at all as the radiator will prevent the table from tipping forward.

Legs can be cut "on site" to suit height requirements but please note that we can make to any size to suit most radiators. Very wide bespoke versions may benefit visually from an extra middle leg but we can discuss this with you when you order.

The first image shows the table in its raw state. The next images were taken in our showrooms.

Both the table, panelling and radiator have been painted in the same colour to minimize the impact of the radiator.

Click on the sketch for advice on working out customised versions and if the size is outside the scope of what the website allows simply email or phone us for a quote!

Customise your order

Current Price: £ 207.00

The standard size of this piece (140cm W x 25cm D x 100cm H) can be reduced or increased by up to 20% in each dimension using the boxes below. The price will show automatically and is dependant on the number of changes you make. For dimensional changes outside of these parameters please contact us for a quote. Please see Common Questions for more information on altering sizes of furniture.

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Height:Up to +/- 20 cms Change to: cms