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We design and make a wide range of traditionally styled furniture hand crafted from sustainably grown solid hardwood. Drawing inspiration mainly from 18th Century Gustavian and French design but with an English or Shaker twist where we feel it appropriate!

We sell our furniture either unfinished (raw) for you to paint, stain or wax as you require or we will do the job for you. We can change the sizes and even the design to suit your specific requirements and can offer a multitude of finishes besides our six standard House Colours.

Come and see for yourself in our Cotswolds Showroom: 14 room sets brimming with hand painted and ready to paint furniture, gorgeous and unusual gifts, interior accessories and of course our famous DIY Wall Panelling from The English Panelling Company!

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Take a Tour of our Showroom

You can get a sneak preview of our Aladdins cave of a showroom by clicking on the image below and moving your mouse. Click on the white arrows to explore other areas and hit the expand link in the top right corner to see a larger view!

And not just furniture. The Scumble Goosie Collection of Gifts and Accessories:

Wonderful hemp and jute rugs from Jaipur! kadai front-room-dresserWe are continually adding to our growing collection of gorgeous gifts and accessories for the home including Pots from the Kew Royal Botanic Gardens collection, Lamp Shades, Vintage Style Maps, Cushions, amazing Fabrics from Emily Bond, Vanessa Arbuthnott, Sarah Hardaker, Linwood and Lewis & Wood, Jute Rugs and Pouffes from Jaipur, Scented Candles, Baskets, Ornaments, Paints and Varnishes, Tea Towels and Aprons, Floor Cushions, Handmade Pottery, lovely Clocks, Vintage Edison Pendant Lights and Light Bulbs and our amazing Indian Fire Pits.


Our Famous Wall Panelling:


We have developed our ever popular Butt and Bead MDF wall panelling into a fully fledged range of styles! It can be seen on our sister company website www.englishpanelling.com. Five stunning designs and we also now sell rebated dado rail to go with it. Transform your rooms at a fraction of the normal cost associated with wall panelling!


I look forward to hearing from you, or seeing you soon at our showrooms in Thrupp. There’s always something new going on, so please come and see for yourself when you are in the area. We always try to keep at least one example of every piece of our furniture on display and the domestic settings we have styled make it an ideal place to discuss your needs.

Best Wishes,


Jon Madeley, FOUNDER Scumble Goosie


P.S. I have been asked from time to time where my design ideas came from and how we created the look we have become known for. I have also been asked to tell the story of Scumble Goosie. I have put them in ‘Behind The Scenes’ on this site. So, for those of you who want to read (and these stories are quite long, so be warned!) please click here.

“Where does a customer start to recount all that is extraordinary about Scumble Goosie? The integrity of your designs, the robust nature of their construction, the flexibility of the sizing, the choice to paint – or not to. The unswervingly excellent customer service makes Scumble Goosie a unique and very welcome alternative to High Street stores. It is wonderful to own pieces that do not have a mass-produced look and feel. I look forward to adding to my collection in years to come. I wish you and your team continued success and growth. It is richly deserved.” Deborah Walker