Our furniture can be painted, stained, waxed, limed, distressed or varnished.

If you’re feeling creative and want to give your furniture a particular look at home, please take a look at the products below that will allow you to achieve the desired effect. Warning – many of our customers who plan to do this fall in love with the look of the raw wood and decide to leave it in its natural state!

To see how your chosen item could look in one of our many finishes please take a look at our guide.

Shop / Wood Care

Leksand Bench (WS4)
From: £479.00
Cairo Mirror (LG13)
From: £397.00
Butchers Block (BB1)
From: £449.00
Empire Tallboy (CD10)
From: £469.00
French Stool (CF9)
From: £197.00
Emma Cupboard (BK5/B)
From: £479.00
Barock Carver (CF3/C)
From: £339.00
Rosen Carver (CF2/C)
From: £319.00
Empire Stool (CF7)
From: £179.00
Nordic Wooden Sofa (WS5)
From: £1,259.00
Emma Bookcase (BK5)
From: £1,187.00
Writing Bureau (CD14)
From: £709.00
Barock Chair (CF3)
From: £297.00
Rosen Chair (CF2)
From: £277.00
Bellman Chair (CF1)
From: £229.00
Gustavian Stool (CF6)
From: £197.00
Rosen Stool (CF5)
From: £189.00
Corner Cupboard (WC6)
From: £329.00
Classic Wardrobe (WD1)
From: £1,227.00