Looking After Painted Furniture

Painted furniture should be treated as you would an item made from polished wood. The surface is protected with several coats of tough lacquer but avoid placing hot objects directly onto the surface and mop up any spills as quickly as possible but DO NOT SCRUB or you may damage the finish.


Most cleaning products and spray polishes contain substances that will dissolve the protective layers and can cause the finish to develop a sticky feel. As our finishes consist of many layers they will increase in strength over a period of several weeks as they become fully cured, so try to avoid heavy use straightaway if possible. Applying natural beeswax to surfaces will help to keep them in good condition and drawers will run nice and smoothly if the runners are waxed once a year with the beeswax bar we supply.

Please remember you have purchased something that is hand made from sustainable natural hardwood. Natural timber products will react to changes in humidity and temperature and so please avoid locating near areas where extremes of either will occur such as radiators and external doorways. Small shrinkage cracks, if they do appear, will not compromise the structural integrity of the piece and can be filled and touched up if required.

Looked after properly you will get many years of service from items made from solid wood. Natural wear and tear over the years will give it a unique character and should you ever decide to give the piece a facelift all you will need to do is a light sanding prior to re-painting.

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