Folding Screen (SN1)


Room screens like these have been around for quite a while now, in fact ever since we introduced this design as one of the very first SG products 30 years ago!

However you wont see anything else quite like this one. We have re-introduced this classic piece made using solid planks of hardwood rather than MDF. So it’s far stronger and much nicer to work on. And of course it will look wonderful even with just a few coats of wax if you have not got the time to paint it. Each panel is 46cm wide.

Price (raw): £ 259.00
Dimensions: 46cm W x 2cm D x 150cm H

The size of this piece can be reduced or increased by up to 20% in each dimension using the boxes below. The price will show automatically and is dependant on the number of changes you make. For dimensional changes outside of these parameters please contact us for a quote. Please note that customising the size will significantly increase the lead time - typically 16 weeks - whereas the standard version may well be in stock. Please see Common Questions for more information on altering sizes of furniture.

Width: Up to +/- 9 cms
Change to:

Depth: Up to +/- 0 cms
Change to:

Height: Up to +/- 30 cms
Change to:

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