Folding Screen (SN1)


Room screens like these have been around for quite a while now, in fact ever since we introduced this design as one of the very first SG products 30 years ago!

However you wont see anything else quite like this one. We have re-introduced this classic piece made using solid planks of hardwood rather than MDF. So it’s far stronger and much nicer to work on. And of course it will look wonderful even with just a few coats of wax if you have not got the time to paint it. Each panel is 46cm wide.

Price (raw): £ 259.00
Dimensions: 46cm W x 2cm D x 150cm H

CUSTOM SIZES: Please note we are currently unable to accept custom size orders. However if you would like to be informed once we reopen the order books then please email with details of what you would like to order.

STOCK LEVELS: The pandemic is seriously impacting on shipping and our stock levels are much lower than normal. Please check availability (ideally via email) before placing your order.

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