Oval Pearl Dining Table ~ 6 seater (DT8) or 8 seater (DT8/L)

From: £777.00

This Gustavian style dining table, available as a 6 or 8 seater, has pearl beading around the apron and hand-carved flowers at the top of each leg.

The 8-seater table is shown here with the base painted in our French Grey and a stained and oiled top – a very practical combination for a dining table. The table is pictured with our Rosen Chairs and Carvers, all in the raw mango wood.

The gap between the legs is about 110cm for the 6 seater and 170cm for the 8 seater.

It can be supplied (as a Bespoke order) in a square or rectangular and in many different sizes to accommodate your dining requirements.  All are solid hardwood construction throughout.

Please see our Finishes & Options page for details of the different looks you can specify for this piece. We would recommend that if you are having a painted version, you request an oiled or varnished top as these finishes tend to be harder wearing than a painted finish and this is more critical on such a piece.

Price (raw): £ 777.00Price (painted): £ 1,097.00
Dimensions: 160cm W x 105cm D x 75cm H
Price (raw): £ 957.00Price (painted): £ 1,337.00
Dimensions: 220cm W x 105cm D x 75cm H
  • CUSTOM SIZES ON FURNITURE: We are now able to accept orders involving simple size changes to standard furniture designs. Lead times can be considerably longer than our normal 16 - 18 weeks for custom work. Please email jon@scumblegoosie.com with details of what you would like to order to obtain a quote.

  • STOCK LEVELS: We are extremely busy and as a result our stock levels are lower than normal. Please check availability (email jon@scumblegoosie.com) before placing your order.

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